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Developer Debugging Skills

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Accdient-Driven Development

Forget TDD,BDD, or DDD

1. TDD:
2. BDD:
3. DDD:
  • In the file of app-routing.module.ts of every lazy-loading module, use forChild() but not forRoot()
  • In the file of app-routing.module.ts of the root module, use loadChildren() but not XxxComponent
  • In the file of app.module.ts of the root module, remove all the lazy-loading modules from “imports” list. Otherwise, lazy loading won’t work!

Step #1. Install the extension

Install C# Extension

Step #2. Configurations

Stop updating the file names, classes or variables one by one!

Why Copy &Paste?

Creating a Node.JS application

Black Outline


How to implement ScrollSpy without any 3rd party library

$('body').scrollspy({    target: '#navbar',    offset: 80});

Scroll Animation
html {    scroll-behavior: smooth;}

Derek Ji

Full Stack Developer (specialised in .NET Core, Angular and ReactJS)

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